Beautiful Colors of Fall

It’s been a while since I uploaded new content. I’ve been very busy apartment hunting since mid-September.

I finally found something I like and moved over the week. Unpacking has not been fun at all.

Anyhoo, summer dresses and open-toed shoes are starting to give way to long-sleeved shirts, boots, socks, and light jackets.

This is a subtle reminder that Winter. Is. Coming.

As cold as fall is though, it’s still great to see the beautiful colors as the greenery gives way to the changing season.

Beautiful Colors of Fall in canada

Green trees and shrubbery change to various shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown.

The explosion of color is incredible and a joy to observe.

At least that’s one thing to enjoy amidst the lockdowns, quarantine, restrictions, and whatnot.

Below is a picture I took showing the beautiful colors of fall.

beautiful colors of fall in Canada

Even though it’s already “freezing” to me, I never get tired of witnessing those changing colors.

Hopefully, next year things will be back to normal and I can really go leaf hunting to take better pictures.

Best Places to See Fall Color in Canada

Some of the best places in Canada to go leaf hunting as I like to think of it include:-

Best Times for Fall Colors in Ontario

The best time to view fall colors in Ontario is between late September to late October. Those are the peak periods.

However, you can still see a little something until early November if you can stand the cold.


Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Algonquin Park, Ontario

Algonquin Park, Ontario

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