Bermuda Launches Innovative Work from Home Visa

Bermuda is a gorgeous, friendly, safe island destination located in the western North Atlantic Ocean.

It is comprised of 7 main islands and about 170 additional islets and rocks. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton and the official language is English.

One of the major income generators for island destinations like Bermuda is tourism.

Unfortunately, with COVID-19 lockdowns all around the world, tourism has taken a major hit.

Countries that rely on tourism have been exploring new ways to entice people over.

Bermuda is not left out with the introduction of this innovative remote work visa.

Bermuda Launches Innovative Work from Home Visa

What is the Bermuda Remote Work Visa?

The Bermuda remote work visa gives an opportunity for executives and students to work and study remotely on the island.

The visa is specifically targeted towards online creators, travel nomads, investors, entrepreneurs, and solo professionals.

Remote work visa holders can stay in Bermuda for up to a year while working remotely in co-working spaces, on the beach, or wherever.

Family members of remote work visa holders may also live on the island as long as the visa holder can support them.

The remote work visa is renewable at the end of the year by submitting a new application.

How Much is the Bermuda Remote Work Visa?

The application fee is $263 application per person. You should receive a response within five days of submitting the application.

The application process is entirely online.

How to Apply for the Bermuda Remote Work Visa?

For more on the Work from Bermuda Certificate Programme, eligibility requirements, and submitting your application, visit THIS PAGE

You can view answers to the questions most people ask about the remote work visa program HERE

But What About Coronavirus?

Well, Bermuda boasts a testing regimen that is among the most stringent in the world.

This rigorous regime has kept transmission of the virus to a minimum on the island.

As of today, Bermuda has 166 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, 147 recoveries, and only 9 deaths. You can view updated stats HERE.

Bermuda is a small island with less than 70,000 people if you want to calculate infection per capita.

What Else Can You Do in Bermuda?

In between working, here are 21 adventures you can indulge in where social distancing is taken into consideration. Check it out HERE.

There’s also a complete list of resources put together by the government HERE.

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How to Get There?

Air Canada operates a non-stop flight from Toronto airport to Bermuda airport. The flight time is less than 3 hours too!

If you’re flying from other provinces, there will likely be a stopover at Toronto airport.

Happy Travels if you decide to go there. I’m still weighing the possibilities right now.

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