Taking the Canadian Citizenship Test

My Experience Taking the Canadian Citizenship Test

I applied for Canadian Citizenship early last year and was invited to complete the Canadian Citizenship test in December.  You can check out my Canadian Citizenship application process and timelines here for more on that.  I’ve received a couple of queries about the Canadian Citizenship test and what kind of …

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Best Free Bank Accounts in Canada 2023

Best Free Bank Accounts in Canada 2022

Paying a monthly fee on bank accounts in Canada can be expensive but you can avoid those fees by opting for one or more of these free bank accounts available to Canadians and permanent residents.  Paying a couple of dollars monthly in fees might seem small or insignificant but when …

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What Are GCMS Notes Canada?

What Are GCMS Notes Canada

If it’s been an inordinately long time since you heard from IRCC after submitting your immigration application, you can request your GCMS notes to get an idea of where your application is in the process. If your immigration application has also been refused, you can request GCMS notes to find …

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