Can I Land in Canada During the Coronavirus Crisis?

What you need to know before flying to Canada during the worldwide pandemic.

Unless you live under a rock, you would have heard about the recent pandemic known as Coronavirus (COVID-19) making its way around the world.

Depending on what country you live in, they might have banned travel completely, restricted travel to and from certain places, and/or advised self-isolation for at least two weeks.

If you had planned to land in Canada at this time or your COPR is about to expire, then what is your best option?

Can I Land in Canada During the Coronavirus Crisis?

Flying to Canada During Coronavirus Crisis

Can you get an extension on your COPR? Should you still come to Canada? Or wait out the self-isolation/quarantine period?

How do all the cancellations and restrictions affect your COPR status? Fear not.

The IRCC has made provisions for these extraordinary occurrences of our time to avoid mass cancellations of COPRs and PRVs.

You can find the IRCC Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Program delivery instructions HERE

The conditions as it applies specifically to permanent residents can be found HERE.

The basic breakdown of this program delivery as it applies to approved permanent residence applications include:-

  • If you are in possession of your approved COPR but you aren’t able to travel within the validity of the documentation, you should submit a web form to IRCC stating this, the file will be brought forward to the expiration date of the COPR. If you can travel before it expires, you’re good.
  • If your COPR is about to expire within these crucial months though – March/April/May or after, and you cannot travel, inform IRCC via the web form, your application will be brought forward 90 days and revisited. Once you inform IRCC you can travel, they will reopen your application and re-approve provided you and your family members have valid immigration medical examinations, criminal and security checks, and passports.

You can find out the complete wording for this on the specific program delivery page HERE

The important thing to remember is not to panic. IRCC will not cancel your COPR if you cannot travel due to COVID-19 travel restrictions in your country. Just make sure you keep them informed via the web form.

How to Contact IRCC

You can access the IRCC web form HERE

It may take some time for them to respond as I’m sure they are inundated with requests now.

There are also special instructions if you are located in China, Iran, and South Korea.

You can find COVID-19 updates and infection stats as it pertains to Canada HERE. As of March 15, 2020, there are 304 cases in Canada. The table is updated twice a day.

It’s better to be safe and healthy. If you can avoid traveling at this time, please do so. Stay safe!

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