What Are GCMS Notes Canada?

If it’s been an inordinately long time since you heard from IRCC after submitting your immigration application, you can request your GCMS notes to get an idea of where your application is in the process.

If your immigration application has also been refused, you can request GCMS notes to find out more and perhaps use the information to file an appeal.

What Are GCMS Notes?

GCMS is the (Global Case Management System) used by IRCC to process applications for citizenship and immigration. 

When you request GCMS notes,  Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will provide a detailed report on the current status of your application.

Anyone who submitted an application can request GCMS notes. It will not affect or influence the processing of your application. 

Why Order GCMS Notes?

GCMS notes provide the most updated status of your visa application. 

If you used a representative to submit an application, you’ll be able to verify the correct information was submitted.

Provide detailed reasons and information if your visa application has been refused. 

Can I Order GCMS Notes from Outside Canada?

To order GCMS notes, you must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or an individual or organization domiciled in Canada. 

If you do not fall into any of these categories and reside outside Canada then you will need to use a representative to apply for GCMS notes. 

GCMS Notes Processing Time 2022

The standard processing time for GCMS notes is 30 – 40 days. However, due to the current pandemic situation, requests may take longer. 


When Should I Order GCMS Notes?

You should allow a reasonable amount of time to pass before you order GCMS notes. 

In the case of PR applications, you can request once your application passes the R10 completeness checks stage. 

At the R10 stage, an immigration officer has checked that all your documentation and information is complete.

If you haven’t heard from IRCC 3 – 4 months after submitting your application, then you can order GCMS notes.

Order GCMS Notes

NGCA can assist you with ordering your GCMS notes with utmost care and confidentiality. 

To learn more about how to order GCMS notes of your immigration application, have a look at the service details here

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