Protective Masks – What You Should Know?

As the world marches on to save as many people as possible while simultaneously working on a vaccine or cure for Coronavirus, one of the ways people protect themselves is masks.

However, not all masks are created equal.

Some are needed mostly by medical professionals while the rest of us can make do with homemade masks in the meantime.

The helpful infographic below compares the difference between the protective masks and what to keep in mind while creating a homemade protective mask.

The infographic was compiled by CBC News with information from 3M, Health Canada and Michael Garron Hospital.

Comparing Different Masks

Protective Masks - What You Should Know

Dr Theresa Tam, the Chief public health officer, also provides clear guidance on non-medical masks and scarves in the below video:-

Where to Buy Protective Masks in Canada?

A lot of people have gone into the business of making different types of masks, which have filters and are reusable.

You can find these masks on Etsy HERE. By buying from Etsy, you will also be supporting small businesses during this period. 


Keep up to date with everything going on with Coronavirus in Canada including stats on the dedicated website HERE. You can take a self-assessment test on the website.

Individual provinces may also have their own websites. Stay home and stay safe!!!

Protective Masks - What You Should Know

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