Services for federal self employed application

Due to the overwhelming amount of emails I receive and the amount of time required to provide detailed assistance, I’ve decided to start offering coaching services to those who are genuinely interested in immigrating to Canada under the Federal Self-Employed Program.

Remember, I am self-employed and have limited time. In order for me to carve out adequate time to assist properly with the enquiries in these emails, it’s necessary for me to start charging for coaching and consulting services.

Others charge well over $500 for this service but I have kept it to a minimum to cover my time while also making it as affordable as possible. Here’s what my services include:-

  • I can coach you through your application step by step, advice on the type of documentation you can include to make your application stronger and improve your chances of success and answer any other detailed questions you have about your application.
  • I can prep you for any interviews. They don’t usually hold interviews for self-employed applicants but it varies from country to country and application to application.
  • I can help you research and prepare your business plan. There is a template on the website you can use to write it yourself but if you still want me to write it for you, you can include that in your coaching and consulting package.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve made your payment, you will receive an email with a form to ask all your questions, tell me what exactly you require, the timelines you have in mind, how far along you are in the process, etc.

The form will also include an email address we will use to communicate throughout the process. Skype calls can be arranged if necessary.

Before you procure any packages, please note the below very carefully:-

  • I am not an immigration consultant and I’m not affiliated with any immigration authorities.
  • I cannot influence the outcome of your application in any way, shape or form. Only visa officers working for IRCC can make a decision on immigration applications.
  • I work with people interested in immigrating under the Federal Self-Employed stream only. I do not assist with Express Entry applications.
  • I do not do illegal things and I will not help anyone facilitate illegal activities to game the immigration system. This can get you banned for up to five 5 years. Just don’t do it.

If you’ve read and understood everything above, please proceed with securing your spot below. I have a limited number of slots every month.

Once the slots for the month are filled, you will not be able to book the service and will be offered the option to get on the list for the following month if you prefer.

Important: Before you invest in my services, please check that your profession falls under one of the qualifying activities HERE.  

If it does and you are between 21 – 49 years old then we can make it happen for you.

If you require some other service outside the scope of what’s mentioned below, you can send me an email through the contact page before you make any payment.