You Can Now Apply for Your SIN Number Online

When I landed in Canada, I had to line up for quite a long time at the airport to get my SIN number.

The alternative would have been to go into a Service Canada Centre later on or apply by mail but I really wanted to get it out of the way ASAP.

Thankfully, you can now apply for your SIN online after you land in Canada with a few documents. 

This change came about in response to the COVID19 situation.

How Can I Get My SIN Number Online

What is a SIN (Social Insurance Number)?

A SIN is a unique 9 digit number assigned to a person residing legally in Canada.

A SIN is required to start working, file taxes, or access government services and benefits.

All Canadian citizens, permanent residents, temporary residents, and children 12 years of age or older can apply for a SIN.

You will not be able to get much of anything official done without a SIN.

How Can I Get My SIN Number Online?

  • Head over to the Government of Canada website HERE.
  • Scroll down and you will find options to apply online, in person, or by mail. Click the option to “Apply Online for a SIN.”
  • You will be taken to the page where you can start filling in the required information. A progress bar at the top of the page will let you know how much of the application you’ve completed.

How to apply for my SIN number online

Documents Required to Apply for a SIN Online

To apply for a first time SIN online, you will need the following:-

1. A valid primary document that proves your identity and legal status in Canada. This must be one of the following:-

  • Your COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence)
  • Your PR Card and passport or foreign driver’s license

2. A valid secondary document to confirm your identity. This must be one of the following:-

  • Your passport
  • Your provincial ID card or driver’s license
  • Any other government-issued ID

3. Proof of Address

This is a document issued by an institution or organization, which contains your name and address.

Acceptable proof of address could be a bank statement, credit card statement, official correspondence from a govt agency, and tenancy agreement.

It can also be a utility bill, employment offer with a stated address, or correspondence from official institutions.

All documents provided must have your legal name as well as your date of birth.

If the name on any document is different from the name you’re using, you will have to provide evidence of the change as well.

Currently, there’s no information on processing times for online applications.

Protecting Your SIN

You must protect your SIN by any means necessary. It is the fastest way for scammers to carry out fraudulent activities with your name.

The only people that have seen my SIN are the bank, employer, and government agencies.

No one else needs your SIN. When an apartment I was looking at requested it, I told them NO.

If anyone besides these asks for your SIN, tell them you’re not comfortable sharing the information.

You can start the process of applying for your SIN and finding out more information about applying for your SIN online on the Canada website.

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