Things You Should Be Informed About Before Immigrating to Canada

Here is a checklist of all the questions you should ask yourself before making the decision on immigrating to Canada. These questions apply no matter what immigration stream you’re applying under.

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So today, I’m covering a question regarding horror stories from previous immigrants to Canada, and if I saw the stories before I decided to move to Canada.

Questions you should ask yourself before you move to canada

My research prior to applying for the federal self-employed program was solely on the stream and other people’s experience with it.

I discovered the horror stories later on after I’d submitted my application. Some of the stories I came across over and over and over again include:-

Canada Horror Stories

  • Canadian Experience – potential employers use it as an excuse not to hire new immigrants because they don’t know how they’ll fit into the Canadian work culture. As a result, a lot of people either go back to school or start working lower-level jobs outside their skills. 
  • Cost of Housing – lack of budget-friendly and adequate housing in the most populous cities – Vancouver and Toronto.
  • Culture shock and issues with adapting to new people and a new environment.

So, what is my take on these stories and how do I plan to deal with them when and if I come up against them?

Has it scared me out of wanting to move to Canada? No, it hasn’t. I consider myself a well informed intending immigrant.

I am informed about all the pros and cons and I have still made the conscious decision to move to Canada because, for me, the pros outweigh the cons.

Additionally, I have not romanticized the journey in my mind and don’t expect to have some sort of fairy tale experience.

The place is not paradise. It’s a country with its own unique set of issues. It’s important to remain grounded about the entire journey.

What I can say is that I have made contingency plans for every scenario and those contingency plans have their own contingency plans.

This is what I advise instead of listening to the horror stories and naysayers. Create contingency plans to address every imaginable scenario.

Questions to Answer Before You Decide to Immigrate to Canada

important questions before moving to canada2

What if you don’t get a job? What if you don’t get a job within your expected time frame? What will you do if you start running out of money?

What will you do if you can’t find affordable housing in your preferred location? What if you can’t bear the cold?

Are you ready to take a significant pay cut for the sake of local experience? Are you ready to change career fields to a related field if you can’t find a job in your field? Are you ready to upgrade your skills if necessary?

Do you understand and accept that Canada is a multicultural society and insistence on interacting only with people from your country will not serve you well?

Are you willing to learn all you can about your newly adopted country and make every effort to become a part of that society instead of the other way around?

The official languages of Canada are English and French. You need to be fluent in at least one of these languages.

Are you willing to put in the work and commitment required to make this happen?

Are you willing to move back to where you came from if it doesn’t work out?

Not everything is a do or die affair. (Obviously, this doesn’t apply to people who moved for safety and security reasons).

These are all questions you should have actionable answers to before you fill and submit any applications.

And definitely, before you pack up and move to Canada especially if you have a family.

My final word, ignore the naysayers but don’t move, ill-prepared, and with your head buried high in the clouds regarding what your experience will be like.

Moving to a new country and starting over is very hard work. I’ve done it 3 times. 

As an example of when it comes to being prepared, I’ve created a comprehensive plan for my first 8 – 12 weeks in Canada.

I’ve broken down the plan week by week. I will share the template for this later on if anyone wants to use it.

  • Research
  • Read up all you can about Canada
  • Be prepared with a proper plan
  • Have answers to all the important questions
  • Be open to the new adventure life is sending your way
  • Believe in yourself then make the jump

Good luck!


Update on where I am with planning – agonizing over what I will ship and what I will give away as I’m attached to most of my stuff, little as it is.

I finally found a good deal on a ticket though and bought that last week. Roughly 6 weeks to go!

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    I have just discovered your blog and have been pouring through all your posts which are immensely helpful, thank You! Are you Able to please share your 8-12 week plan (template) that you Used?
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    • Hi Loretta, glad to hear the post was sol helpful. I will add the template to the free template library ASAP. Be sure to join the mailing list so I can email it to you once it’s uploaded.


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