Change in Fees for Federal Self-Employed Class

A change in the federal self-employed stream application fees was recently announced.

How are y’all doing out there? I hope you’re staying safe as best as you can.

Are you planning to apply for the Federal Self Employed category this year and onwards?

There have been some changes in the application fees to take into consideration when putting together your immigration budget.

Federal Self Employed category application fees update

What is the Federal Self-employed Stream Category?

The Federal Self-employed Category is for self-employed people who want to immigrate to Canada and establish themselves.

There are specific professions that qualify for this stream. Previous experience also matters.

You can find out more about this program at Do I Qualify for the Federal Self-Employed Stream Program to Canada?

I applied under the same program in 2018 and moved to Canada in 2019. It took less than a year to process my application.

You can read my immigration story at Federal Self-Employment Entry Process.

Update on Application Fees

Back to the application fees for the Self-employed category. The fees used to be:-

  • CAD 1,050 – application fee (1 person)
  • CAD 490 – right of permanent residence fee (1 person)

The new fees came into effect on April 30, 2020. Currently, the new fees are:-

  • CAD 1, 575 – application fee for the principal applicant
  • CAD 825 – spouse or common-law partner
  • CAD 225 – each dependent child
  • CAD 500 – right of permanent residence fee

The new fees apply to applications made by a person as an applicant of the:-

  • Quebec investor class
  • Quebec entrepreneur class
  • Start-up business class
  • Self-employed person class
  • Quebec self-employed person class

You can read the exact verbiage of the amendments HERE

The fees will also be adjusted for inflation every 2 years beginning in 2022. You can read about that HERE

You can enter your country and find out any other payment specifics at Pay Your Fees

While it’s getting more expensive to immigrate to Canada, the fees are still considerably less expensive than other countries with similar programs.

If you require assistance with putting together a thorough application that represents all your experience and future intention when you settle in Canada, have a look at my consulting and coaching page HERE.

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